About me

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 21.44.02I am an entrepreneur and I’ve been lucky enough to do this for several years now, in Italy, the United States and Switzerland. I started building things back when I was 14/15 like many other friends. I fell in love with web technologies and products and then with the idea of make a living out of those things!

I love building great long-term companies that have a strong and ambitious vision. Most importantly, I love hiring and working with great people. In the end, people are what you truly remember in any entrepreneurial journey. I’ve lived in the US and I regularly go back there, it’s simply the best country in the world to build a company.

In 2012 I’ve started Cloud Academy Inc. in the US as co-founder and CEO and we have scaled the company to $30M in ARR. We have raised money in Silicon Valley from 500 Startups, Vertex Ventures and others and we have built the company across the US and EU reaching 250 employees in 11 countries. We exited the company in 2019 and I left it in 2022 with my cofounder to build a new idea. Cloud Academy taught me everything I know about Enterprise SaaS, sales and marketing and ultimately showed me how critical it is to always hire the best and spend 30% of time always looking amazing for people. I’ve interviewed thousands of people in 10 years and had the opportunity to work with amazing executives and talents that ultimately built a global SaaS brand.

Before Cloud Academy Inc. I started my first company, WeTalk Group SRL when I was 20 and while getting my degree in Computer Engineering. We have built the biggest tech/cloud community in Italy with HostingTalk.it and I’ve learned how to build a business, find customers and connect with an entire industry (webhosting/cloud) in my 20s. WeTalk ultimately led me to starting Cloud Academy when I decided to take a month off in 2012 in San Francisco.

Before WeTalk I’ve been lucky enough to build a few projects including P2PZone.net and IlBlog.it while I was finishing high school. They taught me what building something really means and for the first time I’ve tried the excitement of seeing someone buying my product, something that still stays with me 20 years later. It feels special every time it happens again.

My career and achievement have always been possible because of the people that believed in me, invested in me (and in my companies) and always offered help when I needed it. They are the best memory of my journey to today and the reason I became the person that I am today.

I love many things but I’m quite obsessed by entrepreneurship.

Feel free to reach out! Here is my LinkedIn profile!

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