About me

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 21.44.02My name is Stefano Bellasio (“Stephano” if I’m in the US, likely “Steve” or “Steven” if I’m at Starbucks). I am Italian and spend my time between Switzerland (Mendrisio) and San Francisco in California. I started building things back when I was 14/15 like many other friends. I fell in love with web technologies and products and then with the idea of make a living out of those things!

I am CEO and founder of Cloud Academy. I work with an incredible team that creates opportunities with cloud technologies for people and companies in more than 100+ countries worldwide. Cloud Academy is the main reference for large enterprises and companies that are looking at continuous training for cloud technologies. Our library includes Learning Paths on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, DevOps technologies, Containers and more. We are building the continuous learning platform for cloud technologies using technology and content and building tools to enable our customers to continuously update their employees on cloud technologies.

I did several things, almost all of them somehow connected to the webhosting, domain, and cloud computing industry where I moved my first steps with HostingTalk.it.

I love many things but I’m quite obsessed by entrepreneurship.

Feel free to reach out! Here is my LinkedIn profile!

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