I miss how the web used to be

Some days, I wake up to the Internet and wish it were still 2010.

I feel like I’ve had enough of the influencers, the everything-coaches, and the constant content creation pressure for every person and business. And yes, I miss people on the internet helping you or commenting your content because they care and want to help. I miss forums a lot and everything they somehow represented. Every single place on the internet became a way to show off, sell you something, or get your likes. It used to be a lot different than that. When I started my first website (it was actually called p2pzone) or later on when we started HostingTalk people loved to contribute and help.

And still, I know I have to face another LinkedIn wall that tells me everything I do wrong and that person does right. I know their amazing product link is in the first comment, and I know their company is not doing as well as they say. There are more people lined up there to answer and contribute to the conversation, just to get a bit of visibility too.

The sad part about all of this is that I somehow need to play with this like every other person running a business online.

I know I’ve said this already; is there a way back to 2010?